Rosewill RK-9100BR Mechanical Keyboard Review

Mechanical keyboards, you know, those higher priced keyboards with awesome clicking sounds, illuminated keys, media keys, and special gaming modes that usually disable the Windows Key. Well, Rosewill has a pretty nice one named Illuminated Mechanical Gaming Keyboard, aka, RK-9100BR. Awesome clicking sounds are present thanks to its Cherry MX Brown switches, LEDs provide an excellent illuminated experience, coupled with media keys, multiple modes and gold plated connectors, Rosewill’s RK-9100BR is a cohesively solid product.

Special thanks to Rosewill for providing us with the RK-9100BR Mechanical Keyboard to review.

Specifications & Features
– Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
– Cherry MX Brown Switches
– 4 Levels of Brightness
– 3 Illumination Modes
— Fully Lit
— “Gaming Mode” (WASD, Arrow Keys, Windows Key disabled)
— Fully Lit without Numpad
– Braided Cable
– Gold Plated USB Connectors
– 2 Port USB 2.0 Hub
– 6-Key Rollover
– Durable Metal Inner Chassis

The outside of the box features the standard Rosewill color scheme, black, red, white, and a couple shades of grey (not 50). Its front side has a picture of the illuminated keyboard, an overview of the features, model number, and full name of the device. Sides are plain, while the back has an overview of the features, very similar to what’s on the front, but translated into four languages.

Rosewill RK-9100BR Mechanical Keyboard Rosewill RK-9100BR Mechanical Keyboard

For a full video unboxing and overview check out our video below.