Acid Rain Custom Sleeved Extensions Review

When it comes to building computers, one of the last skills that you learn is cable management. For most beginners it’s accomplishment enough to simply put a rig together and have it post. Eventually though you will want to learn to control and organize all those wires powering and connecting your precious components. For some though, simply organizing and hiding their wiring isn’t enough. And for those with the drive for a perfect looking rig, nothing compares with custom sleeving for your wires. This can be an expensive, time consuming, and sometimes an aggravating task. Luckily there are options! One of these is to have a set of custom sleeved extensions made for your build. Today we will be taking a look at a full set of custom extensions made by Acid Rain Sleeving and Modding.

Special thanks to Acid Rain Sleeving and Modding for providing the extensions for review.

– MDPC-X sleeving
– Supplies from Lutro0 Customs
– Thicker and much higher quality wire than ordinary AWG18
– Full Custom Extension
– All colors and patterns

Our sample sleeves arrived in a small box wrapped in black plastic with an Acid Rain sticker on the outside. Based in Iceland, Acid Rain ships direct to their customers worldwide. Although simple, the packaging was adequate to protect the extensions from any trouble they might encounter through shipping.

Taking the extensions out of the box, the first thing you notice is that they are pretty stiff extensions, with tight sleeving. We received a 24 pin, 8 pin CPU, 8 pin PCIE, and 6 pin PCIE extension. Also included in the box, was an Acid Rain business card, stickers, and a piece of candy.

Acid Rain Custom Sleeved Extensions Acid Rain Custom Sleeved Extensions

Looking closely at the extensions, you will find that the sleeving itself is a tight plastic braid and is sourced from the very popular German supplier MDPC Sleeving. The ends of the sleeve have been done using the “heatshrink-less” technique that is also very popular in the modding community right now. What this means is that instead of using a small piece of heatshrink to secure the end of the sleeve over the wire, the sleeve itself is melted to the wire. The result is a clean, seamless product that looks very professionally done.

Acid Rain Custom Sleeved Extensions Acid Rain Custom Sleeved Extensions Acid Rain Custom Sleeved Extensions