Acid Rain Custom Sleeved Extensions Review

Final Thoughts
If there is one thing to be said about this set of extensions, it’s that they look great. After getting them installed they clean up and bring a new brilliance to our previously dreary test rig. It’s certain that Acid Rain knows what they are doing with sleeving and the result is a great product.

One downside to this high quality product is that the better quality wire being used actually makes it a little more difficult to mold the wires as you see fit. I would suggest taking the time to make clear where on how you are going to be using the wires in your case when ordering. The other downside to custom sleeves, well anything custom at that, is that they are not cheap. Here is Acid Rain’s pricing:

24pin ATX – $60
8pin CPU/PCI-e – $35
6pin PCI-e – $25

This does include shipping. ThinkComputers would like to award Acid Rain Sleeving a 9 out of 10 for their custom sleeved extensions.

– High quality components
– Exceptional craftsmanship

– Price
– Stiff wires