Qualcomm Is Ready To Take On Apple’s M2 With Its Nuvia Chips

When it comes to powerful chips, Apple has definitely been the leader in the industry. Back when Apple introduced the MacBooks and the iPads, the M1 had proven to be a powerhouse chip and now the M2 has impressed us beyond our imaginations. There is no doubt that as of right now, Apple is dominating the market when it comes to mobile chips. Qualcomm is trying to enter this market with a bang too as it is in the process of developing its next-generation chips which will be built for laptops. There is still some time remaining till we will get to see these chips in the market.

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Qualcomm has made its name in the segment of chips for high end and even affordable ranges of smartphones. And now it has announced to enter the segment for laptops as well. One of the best chips from Qualcomm is the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 which is currently being used on most of the flagship smartphones. When it comes to mobile-based chips, Qualcomm has been in the market even before Apple.

Qualcomm has recently acquired Nuvia which has been known for its specialization in high performing chips which are based on the Arm architecture. These chips have been running some of the best tablets and smartphones out there. When it comes to the Nuvia chips, they are definitely standing out as compared to the Snapdragon chips. Not just neural processing, but these will also be focusing on high performance computations that power GPUs and CPUs.

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Despite Snapdragon processors being supplied to many computers for years now, Qualcomm still hasn’t been able to make a remarkable name in the market. The chipsets which came some time ago were not up to the mark and were severely underpowered. In came Apple and we were all shown how mobile processors are really supposed to be like.

Via WCCFTech