Razer Kraken Ultimate Gaming Headset Review


Like most Razer devices when you plug it in you’ll be prompted to install their Synapse software. This software will allow you to customize the headset and more. When you first open the software you’ll be shown a list of your installed Razer devices, where you should see the Razer Kraken Ultimate.

razer kraken ultimate ss1

Clicking on the Kraken Ultimate icon you are brought into the main sound tab. Here you can adjust the volume, open Windows sound properties and run the THX spatial audio demo. The next tab is Mixer. In here you can enable or disable THX spatial audio. Here you can select which apps will use THX spatial audio when you have it turned on. There is also a calibration tool.

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Under Enhancement you can enable or disable Bass Boost, Sound Normalization, and Voice Clarity. EQ is of course your equalizer, there are three presets (Game, Movie, and Music) as well as a custom one that you can set.

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The Mic tab is next. Here you can adjust your microphone volume and sensitivity. You can also turn on the sidetone (so you can hear yourself) and enable or disable active mic noise cancellation, volume normalization, and vocal clarity. Finally under lighting you can set the brightness level, pick when the lights turn off (when the display is turned off, or when you are idle) and finally you can pick which effect you want.

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