Razer Kraken Ultimate Gaming Headset Review

Usage & Sound Quality

The Razer Kraken Ultimate has been my main headset for the past couple of weeks. I have put it through the paces in not only gaming, but listening to music, our weekly podcast, watching YouTube videos and more.

When it comes to sound quality I think that Razer has a very balanced headset with the Kraken Ultimate Edition. When gaming sounds are clear and crisp and I am able to tell where enemies are. One thing I did notice, especially in Apex Legends is when I have THX Spatial Audio turned on I can pick up an enemy running from further off than with it turned on. I am also able to more accurately tell where they are coming from. This obviously is a big deal and shows that THX Spatial Audio is not just some gimmick.

When doing other tasks rather than gaming the headset sounded great, but just like any other type of audio device be sure to go into the EQ settings and change things around depending on what you are doing. The presets for Game, Movie, and Music should work pretty well for you, but of course you can adjust based on what sounds best to you. If you leave the headset on default it is still going to sound good, but to take full advantage of it by using the EQ settings.

Another important things is comfort, as I always so no matter how good a headset sounds if it is not comfortable you are not going to use it, especially for long gaming sessions. Just like the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition, Razer has found the sweet spot for comfort. The earcups do fully cover your ears, but even after long gaming sessions I did not feel like my ears were irritated or sweaty. These was also no discomfort on the top of my head from the headband.

The quality of the built-in microphone is not the best, but is in line with most other gaming headsets. Here is a clip of what the audio will sound like.

Next we have a recorded clip showing you how the active noise cancellation works on the microphone.

Again the microphone is nothing amazing, but your friends in-game and on Discord should be able to hear you no problem.

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