Razer Kraken Ultimate Gaming Headset Review

Final Thoughts

So this is the top-of-the-line Kraken gaming headset from Razer and it seems to fit the bill as such. You have a headset that sounds great, is comfortable, offers unique features, and is made of quality materials.

Great sounding audio is of course important and after using so many different headsets I can tell you that the sound on the Kraken Ultimate is quite good. It is not the best out there, but for a gaming headset is is very good. Add on to that the THX Spatial Audio and you have a real winner. If you are like me you hear these things attached to headset marketing like 3D sound of virtual surround sound and honestly it all sounds like a gimmick, but I can tell you THX Spatial Audio is not. As an example when playing Apex Legends I was able to identify where an enemy was coming from more accurately and actually sooner when I had THX Spatial audio turned on. If you are a competitive gamer that in itself is a reason to get this headset.

Another thing I really like about this headset is how comfortable it is. Razer has seemed to find the right materials for a headset that feels the same when you first put it on and after a 3 hour long gaming session. The weight of the headset is good to me too and it is decently flexible.

Some of the changes from the Kraken Tournament Edition was that the audio controller and controls were moved into the headset itself, rather than a separate audio controller you then plugged the headset into. This makes for a more streamlined experience and it is easier to adjust volume with the slider on the headset itself. The only thing I really miss from the audio controller on the Tournament Edition is the ability to change game and voice chat volume independently.

Razer added active noise cancelling to the microphone, which does a pretty good job at cancelling out unwanted noises. The other change is that you get RGB lighting on the headset itself, which look pretty cool.

For the flagship Kraken headset from Razer I think they have a very solid product in the Kraken Ultimate. Right now you can pick this headset up for $129.99 at our favorite online retailer. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Razer Kraken Ultimate Edition a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

rating9 10 TC award recommended

– Very comfortable
– THX Spatial Audio is the real deal
– Controls on headset
– Easy to use software with great functionality
– Active noise cancelling microphone

– Can’t change game and voice chat volume independently like you can on the Tournament Edition

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