Razer Leaks Personal Information Of More Than 100,000 Gamers Due To A Data Breach

The data breach at Razer was discovered by a security researcher Volodymyr Diachenko. Reportedly, a poorly configured Elasticsearch cluster containing over 100,000 data entries of Razer customers was also discovered by Mr. Volodymyr.

The exposed data consists of physical addresses, email addresses, contact numbers of the customers. The public can easily access the data as a search engine indexed it. This researcher concluded that the leak was caused due to an administrative fault, eliminating the need to hack in.

Razer also gave an official response. Mr. Volodymyr reported that a server misconfiguration might have exposed order details, customer, and shipping information. Razor assured that all the sensitive information(payment details, etc.) is safe.
The company also said that the server misconfiguration was fixed on 9th September before the lapse was made public and apologized for the lapse. They once again assured that the lapse was fixed and the IT systems were reviewed.

Via Arstechnica

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