RDNA3 Navi 31 And Navi 33 GPUs Added AMD’s ROCm Dev Tools

Recently, AMD has added two new RDNA3 GPUs to its official ROCm developer tools.

The Navi 3X GPUs might take their sweet time to arrive, but AMD is still preparing its developer tools for the upcoming launch. Out of the three rumored Navi 30 series GPUs, two of them are available in the Github update. The ROCclr (Radeon Open Compute Common Language Runtime) now lists Navi 31, the rumored flagship of the next-gen series, and Navi 33, considered a mid-range GPU.


July was all about RDNA3 leaks and rumors. The possible specs and basic design details of both the GPUs were shared. The Navi 31 is rumored to be an MCM (multi-chip-module) design with two active graphics chiplets. The GPU will feature 15360 FP32 cores, which will be paired with GDDR6 RAM. The Navi 33 will utilize TSMC’s 6nm node with 5120 Stream Processors.


There is no confirmation of Navi 3X GPUs taping out yet. It is expected that the processors will launch Q3 2022, which means there is still a lot of time for tape out and mass production. Earlier in August, a Twitter user, Olrak29_ came up with block diagrams of all three rumored Navi 3X GPUs.