Dual-Fan Cooler For Intel’s Discrete ARC DG2-Based Graphics Cards Teased

Intel conducted a special event to celebrate its announcement of Intel Arc, Intel’s upcoming high-performance graphics card brand. The event featured 1000 drones with lights that were used to make various shapes, including logos and products such as laptops. Intel might have teased its discrete ARC DG2-based graphic card. The drones made the shape (design) of a dual-fan discrete desktop graphics card.

Intel ARC dual fan DG2 GPU1

The design looks quite similar to the leaked photos of the DG2-512EU engineering sample. Back in April, Moore’s Law is Dead was the one to share this photo. Apparently, both the cards share the same design. The 9 blades were also seen in the leak.

Intel ARC dual fan DG2 GPU

Intel’s Arc “Alchemist” series is based on the DG2 GPU family. The GPU utilizes the Xe-HPG microarchitecture. The flagship variant will feature 512 Execution Units and 16GB GDDR6 RAM.

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