NBMiner Update Enhances Mining Performance Of NVIDIA RTX 30 LHR Series By Up to 70 Percent

NB miner’s recent update, 39.0, includes a LHR bypass hack. As per the changelog, the updated version can unlock up to 70% of the NVIDIA Lite Hash Rate GPU’s mining performance. The RTX 3080, 3070, and 3060 Ti GPUs also received a new variant with a new GPU revision which shared the same LHR algorithm as the RTX 3060. However, NVIDIA accidentally unlocked the SKU by releasing a driver that removed the hash rate limiter.

NBMiner LHR update

Currently, NVIDIA’s RTX 30 GPUs, except the RTX 3090, feature an LHR limiter by default. The limiter has a severe negative impact on the card’s mining capability and profitability. Rumors were floating that closed mining groups have been able to unlock LHR performance.

NBMiner has found a partial workaround, which can restore up to 70% of the LHR cards maximum unlocked hash rate. The update offers an adjustable value that determines the maximum unlockable hash rate for a specific GPU. The developer recommends using 68%, which means that the GPU will offer 68% of Ethereum mining using the ethash algorithm exclusively.

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The 68%-70% mining performance unlock isn’t good compared to what the original Ampere RTX 30 offered. However, it is enough to convince miners to try LHR cards.

Via NBMiner