Reasons why you need a VPN connectivity

VPN connections are a handy choice to consider if you are an internet user. Here are some of the reasons why you should use a VPN connection.

  1. To gain unrestricted access to streaming content

Some streaming contents are limited to some countries or regions only. If you browse the internet using a normal internet connection and a particular content is not allowed in your country, the most effective way to gain access to such content is using a VPN. Usually, such contents are filtered by IP addresses and you can go beyond those restrictions if you use a VPN. The VPN connection can effectively hide your IP and pretend that you log in from a country you prefer. In other words, a VPN connection allows you to handle your IP as you wish and access the restricted contents.

  1. You can connect to public networks without making your privacy vulnerable

Connecting to public networks (that are available in restaurants, airports, malls, hotels, etc.) sounds pretty normal these days. However, such public networks are easy gateways for hackers and intruders to access your personal information. You should never use such networks for confidential communication, online shopping and even for browsing. In general, most of these private networks don’t use encryption strategies to protect those who connect. In other words, these networks are vulnerable even for a novice level hacker to get into your sensitive information.  This is a very strong reason for you to go for a VPN connection. With a VPN connection, you can simply connect to the unsecured network and still stay protected.

  1. To penetrate networks that have restrictions

Some institutes (such as universities, schools), companies and organizations don’t allow their incumbents to use the internet freely; they have applied certain restrictions due to various reasons. Some of these institutes don’t allow you to log into social media and even to check your personal emails. One of the surefire ways to penetrate such burdens and gain access to the restricted websites is using a VPN. A VPN program can create a secure path out from your restricted network without jeopardizing your freedom. More importantly, the administrator of the respective network will not be able to trace your activities.

  1. To avoid surveillance implemented by governments

Some countries, due to various reasons, have implemented certain restrictions on the internet. If you are based in such country, you might not be able to access certain websites due to these restrictions. In addition to that, these countries usually keep surveillance on the internet users and monitor their activities. This approach can put your privacy at a risk. If you live in such country and want to browse the internet freely and stay unmonitored, you should seek the assistance of a VPN. A VPN can let you connect to the outer world through the existing network without leaving any traces of your privacy and being restricted.

  1. To make your VOIP calls unexposed to third parties

Thanks to the modern technology, Voice over Internet Protocol has become immensely popular as a mode of communication. A variety of tools are introduced to make this task possible. However, these tools used make VoIP calls are not the most secure ones; they can be easily intercepted by third parties. Experts say that even the intermediate level hackers can access the information shared over VoIP technology. However, if you use a VPN service to make these calls, your privacy is highly protected. Although you have to spend some money to purchase such service and compromise the speed a little, when it comes to your privacy, VPN connections are priceless.

  1. To keep your search logs confidential

It is a known fact that all the search engines keep a track of what you search. Each web search you perform will be logged and be used with your IP addresses particularly for advertising purposes. Although such approach looks to be pretty friendly and helpful at a glance, sometimes it may not be that nice for even search engines to know your personal preferences. By using a good VPN service, you can effectively hide your IP address and mask what you search on search engines. Encrypted tunnel technology of the VPN connections helps you to maintain optimal privacy even while using sophisticated search engines.

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