Reeven Twila RGB LED Strips Review

Final Thoughts
Almost everyone is making RGB LED strips these days as the popularity of adding RGB effects to your computer has skyrocketed over the past few years. So what separates this kit from all of the others out there? Well I would have to say this is really a no-nonsense RGB LED strip kit. You just plug it in and it works with your motherboard software, that is of course if you have a motherboard with an RGB header. That is the only real downside to this kit is you need a motherboard with an RGB header, so if you have an older system you might be out of luck.

I do like that Reeven has put magnets into the strip itself so you don’t have to worry about double-sided adhesive (which fails over time) or anything like that. Also the cable that connects to your motherboard offers an extra RGB header if you need to connect more than one RGB device.

This kit however does not offer individually addressable RGBs or any type of custom software. Something that we see with the more expensive NZXT Hue+ and HUE2 kits. Of course these kits are far more expensive too, the Reeven Twila is only $15.99, which you really can’t argue with.

If you are looking to add some RGB lights to your system the Reeven Twila is a very inexpensive solution that works with all of the major motherboard lighting software. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Reeven Twila RGB LED Strip a 9 out of 10 score!

rating9 10

– Bright
– Easy to install with magnets in the strips
– Works with all major motherboard lighting software
– Price

– No Reeven software or control box
– LEDs not individually addressable

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