Sunmae Gaming Chair Review

Over the past year we’ve reviewed a handful of different gaming chairs. These were from brands that were quite well known. Recently we’ve been contacted from quite a few companies selling gaming chairs on Amazon who we had never heard of before. The prices are quite low too. While we originally turned down these offers to review such chairs, we decided to check one out to see if there was a difference between these chairs and the name brand chairs we’ve already taken a look at. So today we have the Sunmae Gaming Chair, which comes in at $164 on Amazon, making one of the cheapest gaming chairs available.

Special thanks to Sunmae for providing us with the Gaming Chair to review.

Packaging & Delivery
The Sunmae Gaming Chair comes in a typical retail box for these type of chairs.

Sunmae Gaming Chair

Opening the box up the inside we find the different pieces inside. The first disappointing thing we found was that one of the side cover pieces was broken.

Sunmae Gaming Chair Sunmae Gaming Chair

Getting everything out of the box we have all of the different components of the chair so you can assemble it. Sunmae provides everything you need to get the chair together. We did notice a crack in another part of the chair as well.

Sunmae Gaming Chair Sunmae Gaming Chair

The chair itself took us about 15-20 minutes to put together, although we have experience getting these chairs together, so it will likely take you around 30 minutes.

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