Sunmae Gaming Chair Review

Usage & Final Thoughts
So I’ve been using this chair in my shared off space take I work out of approximately 3 days a week. Before this I was using an Ikea office chair. I definitely like this chair better. Compared to the Ikea chair I feel that I have more support and I can sit in the chair longer without feeling fatigue. This chair also offers more adjustment than the Ikea chair, which I would only move up in down. With this chair I can also adjust the back, head rest, and lumbar support.

Sunmae Gaming Chair

Now if we compare this chair to other gaming chairs that we’ve reviewed it does fall short. Now it is about $65 cheaper than those chairs, but is it worth saving that money for the shortcomings? First the other chairs seem to be higher quality and definitely have thicker cushioning on the seat and back rest. The other chairs also offer more adjustment in the arm rests as well has the back rest.

I also want to point out that part of our chair did come damaged, which would definitely be disappointing if I had bought this chair.

So we sort of have mixed feelings on this chair. It is one of the least expensive gaming chairs available and it will get the job done, but we feel you would be much better served by the chairs in the $229 price range. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Sunmae Gaming Chair a 7 out of 10 score.

rating7 10

– Price
– More comfortable than your normal office chair
– Easy to assemble

– Better served by chairs in the $229 price range
– Less arm rest and back rest adjustment than other chairs
– Our sample came damanged

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