Review: Kanban Zone (Positive)

Kanban Zone is a complete platform for small to large project management. It offers many adjuvant features that you can check out from the Kanban Zone product. In this post, we are covering the specialties of this platform that clearly differentiate it from others. Let’s go deeper.

Workable board creation

Kanban Zone is designed for complete virtual collaboration and observation on analytics. On this platform, you can create boards from simple to complex levels depending on your demand. You are provided with multiple boards at a time with a single-view facility. Each board defines a specific state that helps you manage a big project. Boards on this system are named as to do, done, in progress, none, etc. This seems very easy to trace essential metrics visually.

Easy to connect

The platform offers several elements and tasks to work together. You are offered to connect and organize your essential metrics effortlessly anytime and anywhere. You can add multiple cards to your project and manage an effective four-way relationship. Thus, it saves your valuable time and dependencies on a serious project. For instance, parent/child lets you choose the right alignment. On the other hand, predecessor/successor lets you find out dependencies by tracking cards.

Enhance focus

For any project, all team members need to be highly focused. Kanban Zone is an excellent platform to keep you and your companions focused. It is highly visual. So, your work will be organized visually. You have no chance to lose your task among multiple boards since it allows single view facilities and a summary zone. Besides, you can pick out a specific task among multiple jobs.

Track the progress

Progress tracking is crucial to know if your project is going on the right path. Kanban Zone has a timeline facility that allows easy progress tracking. A user has to simply put his starting and ending date of a project. Thus, he will be able to view his progress visualized through a Gantt chart. It is quite hassle-free and perfect for lean project management.


The portfolio is a must feature for a well-balanced project management tool. Kanban Zone offers a detailed portfolio facility to define your project goal clearly. A portfolio can be too long and complex. Fortunately, the platform showcases your goals through visualization. The Kanban boards of the portfolio allow your complete control and tracking options. They expose a project’s goal through Why, What, and How organogram that keeps your team highly focused on them. It helps to organize your goal in different segments like strategy, discovery, and team. In each segment, several roles and cards are included. This excellent alignment is quite handy for any kind of project.

Pricing and packages

Kanban Zone cares about any level of projects. For this reason, they have three different packages including personal, startup, and enterprise. All these packages seem to be cost-effective compared with other project management apps. Moreover, if you want to experience its effectiveness without cost, you can try their free trial as well.