Review of MP3 Cutter Audio Trimming Utility

MP3 Cutter is an online tool created by Softo Ltd. It is designed to fulfill a very specific role and acts as a dedicated utility for users to trim MP3 files quickly and effectively.

Although there are other MP3 trimmer tools and audio editors out there, none is as easy to use as MP3 Cutter.

How It Works

Trimming an MP3 file using MP3 Cutter is straightforward, and involves 3 simple steps. The interface of the website will guide you through each of the steps, and you just need to:

  • Upload the MP3 audio file

The first thing you need to do is upload the MP3 file that you want to trim to MP3 Cutter. That can be done by either selecting a MP3 file on your computer, adding one from Google Drive or Dropbox, or supplying a web link to the file.

  • Configure the output settings

Next you need to indicate the part of the audio track that you want to preserve, by moving the selection handles in the interface. The rest of the track will be deleted as soon as you proceed from this step. At the same time you can also set the file name of the output file, and its format.

  • Download the output file

After MP3 Cutter processes the file it will provide you with a download link so that you can save the audio file on your computer. If you prefer you could add the file to Google Drive or Dropbox instead.

All in all it is a simple process, and none of the steps will take particularly long to complete. In fact in most cases it should just take a minute or two to successfully trim a MP3 file with MP3 Cutter.

Advantages of MP3 Cutter

Despite being a basic utility, MP3 Cutter has numerous advantages – not the least of which being its simplicity. Because of its simple design and approach, it make trimming MP3 files easy and straightforward for users of any experience level.

The integration that MP3 Cutter has with Google Drive and Dropbox can be very convenient as well. It will provide you with a reliable alternative to add audio files and export them when you’re done.

Due to the fact that it is a web-based utility, MP3 Cutter is also universal and can be used on any device and platform. That makes it a good way to trim MP3 files on mobile devices as well, assuming you’d rather not install third-party apps.


Make no mistake there are lots of situations where MP3 Cutter can prove useful. It can act as a tool for you to shorten MP3 files, or extract audio clips from them. If you want you could even use it to create your own mobile ringtones, save important clips of information from podcasts, or extract songs from music compilations.

At the end of the day how you use MP3 Cutter is up to you – but you can rest assured that you shouldn’t have any trouble trimming audio files with it.

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