RHA MA450i Earphones Review

The first thing that I would do before really listening to music with the MA450i is to fit them correctly in your ears with the right ear-tips. If you are not using the ear-tips that fit your ears the best your listening experience is not going to be that good.

For me I use headphones or earbuds to help me concentrate. When I put them on they drown out the noise around me and the music I listen to allows me to “get in the zone” and get work done. This can be said for many people when they work out, are studying, or even simply just waiting in line. These earphones are advertised as “noise isolating” and that definitely holds true here. When you put them on they really do isolate your ears and make listening to music very enjoyable.

I listened to pretty much every type of music on the MA450i’s. Most of my listening was techno and trance and the sound reproduction was really great, much better than the earphones that come with both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. While the earphones that come with the iPhone 5 are a great improvement over the iPhone 4’s the MA450i’s are even better. They have a clearer sound, bass is better and the are more comfortable. That is one thing that I really liked about the MA450i, the bass was not overdone. Listening to rap and other music the bass was not overly loud or distorted.

I also made a few phone calls using the MA450i’s and answering my iPhone was very easy using the in-line controls. People on the other end said I sounded clear and not distorted at all. The inline controls also made it extremely easy to adjust the volume.

Final Thoughts
My go-to earphones for quite a while now have been the V-MODA Vibrado’s. They are some of the best sounding earphones I have ever used and they have a great accessory package as well. Will the MA450i’s be replacing them…..no. But you have to keep in mind that the Vibrado’s are $129.99 and the MA450i’s are $49.99. At $49.99 you really are getting a great pair of earphone here.

When it comes to sound the MA450i’s perform great. I listened to hours of music and everything I listened to sounded great. The bass reproduction was really good and not overdone, which I really did appreciate. Many earphones that I have used in the past seem to have this bass that is overdone and that easily becomes distorted. These are noise isolating earphones and they do a great job of that. As I said when using earphones you want to sort of escape your surroundings, whether you are trying to concentrate on work or get pumped up for a workout. These earphones allow you to do that.

When it comes to construction the MA450i’s are not made of cheap material either. Both of the earphone made machined from solid aluminum. Something you rarely see on earphones in this price range. The fabric braided cables on the MA450i’s are much more durable than normal plastic or rubber ones. The gold-plated connector is also another plus.

For the price-range I am also surprised RHA included seven ear-tips with these earphones. The ear-tips ensure you get the best fit on the earphones. Which translates to a better and more comfortable listening experience. Overall ThinkComputers gives the RHA MA450i Earphones a 9 out of 10 score and our Good Value Award!

rating9 10 small TC award goodValue small

– Smooth and clear sound
– Available in both black and white
– In-line volume control and microphone
– Seven included ear-tips
– Made of quality materials

– Ear-tips are a little hard to change out

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