RHA SA950i Headphones Review

Obviously with any set of headphones you want them to be comfortable and I was a little bit worried about the SA950i’s at first. I never really used headphones that set on my ears rather than around them. In all honesty it felt weird even putting the SA850i’s on the first time, but after that it was smooth sailing. Having the earcups actually sit on your ears is very comfortable and you do not get the strain on your ears that you would with some headphone where your ear sits in the earcup. Also since the headset is so lightweight it does not cause any discomfort in the headband area, which is what we normally see after a few hours of use with many headsets.

I tested the sound quality of the SA950i’s by listening to various type of music and playing a few games. The first thing I immediately noticed was that the SA950i’s had a pretty impressive bass for such a small set of headphones. I really thought I had larger headphones on when I was listening to songs like John Legend’s “Who do we think we are”. If you listen to music with a lot of bass you will really enjoy these headphones.

All around these headphones sound great. I listened to a wide variety of music on the SA950i’s and I was very impressed at the sound that was coming out of such a small and compact set of headphones. I was able to turn the sound up quite a bit without getting any distortion, which is a good thing as well. These would be a perfect set of headphones to wear if you wanted to watch movies on your laptop or other device and you want something that sounds better than a set of earbuds.

A nice bonus to the SA950i’s is that you do get in the in-line microphone for taking calls. I made a few different calls using the microphone and the people on the other end said I sounded clear and they could understand everything that I said. The microphone sits right at my chest which seemed to work very well.

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