RHA SA950i Headphones Review

Final Thoughts
When I first received the SA950i’s I was a little skeptical at how well they would sound and if they would even be comfortable at all. Boy was I impressed only after a few hours of use! Most importantly let’s talk about how they sound. For being so small I was really blown away at how well the SA950i’s sounded, especially at how deep and powerful the bass was. As I said earlier if you listen to music with a lot of bass or really want to hear the sound effects of movies these are a great improvement over your typical set of earbuds.

The second thing I was really skeptical about was if the SA950i’s would be comfortable at all. This was because they were small and the earcups actually sit on your ears rather than having your ears sit inside of the earcups. Again, I was extremely surprised as the SA950i’s were extremely comfortable! Having the earcups sit on my ears did not cause any extra strain that I have experienced before with other headsets. Also since the SA950i’s are so light there is not much strain on the headband area either. This makes for hours of comfortable hassle free listening.

On thing about the earcups sitting on your ears is that you will not get that much sound isolation, so if you are in a very loud area you may need to turn the volume up on your device much more than say with a pair of sound isolating headphones.

The SA950i’s also come with in-line controls and a microphone, which can be used to talk calls on iOS devices. It would have been nice to see an Android option here. I did make a few calls using my iPhone and everyone on the other end said I sounded just fine and the controls worked perfectly as well. One thing that is nice is that the audio cable can be plugged in either way so if you don’t plan on using the microphone you can have it down by your device rather than right by your chest.

Now I did find a couple of things that could be improved with the SA950i’s. First the build quality and materials could be a little bit better. Besides the adjustment mechanism most of the headset is made of plastic. Because of this I feel that they could be easily damaged if they are in a backpack or laptop bag. I would have liked to have seen some type of carrying case or bag included.

Overall I think RHA has a great product in the SA950i’s. They give you great sound quality in a small lightweight form factor. That makes them perfect for travel or a set of mobile headphones. Right now you can pick them up for $59.95 at my favorite online retailer, which is a great deal considering the sound quality. ThinkComputers gives the RHA SA950i Headphones a 9 out of 10 score.

– Price
– Great sound quality
– Very comfortable
– Lightweight
– In-line controls and microphone

– Mostly made of plastic
– No carry case / bag included

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