ROCCAT ISKU FX Illuminated Gaming Keyboard Review

Usage & Testing
Moving from a mechanical keyboard back to a membrane one was not that hard at all really. I thought it would be but I was back to typing and gaming without missing any keystrokes within 30-35 minutes, which is pretty impressive. The keys are very responsive and comfortable. I had no problem gaming and writing on the keyboard for hours at a time. I actually ended up using the thumbster keys a lot when gaming. The medium-sized keys seemed perfect really. When keys are too large they take more pressure to fully activate and that can stress your hands over time.

The software is a big part of the ISKU FX. ROCCAT’s driver software for all of their products is some of the best out there. We have made a video overview of the driver software for the ISKU FX, you can see it below.

Of course the big thing about the ISKU FX is the illumination. We have also made a video of all of the different lighting modes and how easy they are to setup.

The lighting on the keyboard is pretty nice and I like that you can select any color you like, but the LED’s do not funny light up all of the key caps unless you have them on the highest brightness setting. I know I am being a little over critical here, but I’m not complaining the backlighting does look great, it’s just that I have seen better.

ROCCAT ISKU FX Illuminated Gaming Keyboard ROCCAT ISKU FX Illuminated Gaming Keyboard

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