ROG X670E Motherboard Support For 192GB DDR5 Memory Teased By ASUS

As anticipated, AMD and ASUS have officially announced their plans to support non-binary memory on the 600-series platform. Non-binary memory is capable of offering non-standard memory capacities like 24GB, 48GB, or 96GB. This feature is already available on some Intel 600 and 700 motherboard series. Notably, a screenshot has been shared on ROG forums featuring Raja from ASUS Tech Marketing, confirming that the X670E platform will also have support for non-binary memory.

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The screenshot provides evidence that the ASUS ROG STRIX X670-E motherboard is capable of supporting four 48GB memory modules in its four slots. This type of memory is classified as non-binary and can store more data than a typical 32GB memory module but less than a 64GB module. The system that was tested had all four slots filled with 48GB modules running at 2600 MHz (5200 MT/s) and the total capacity was confirmed to be 192GB by the operating system. The screenshot also reveals that the system was able to successfully boot into Windows.

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Previous reports suggested that AMD motherboards were unable to fully boot with non-binary memory installed. However, rumors have recently emerged that AMD is developing an AGESA firmware update to enable support for this type of memory. It appears that these rumors are true.

Via ASUS ROG Forums