Rosewill RMS-16003 Dual Monitor Desk Mount Review

Final Thoughts
I’ve had my experience with quite a few different monitor mounts / arms. When it comes to choosing one the main things you want to consider are build quality, how much freedom you have to move your display, and ease of installation. With the RMS-16003 lets first talk about build quality. The main parts of the arm are made out of heavy duty metal and will not break. The part that attaches to your desk is also made of metal. I 100% trust this mount to hold my displays, you just want to be sure you have everything tightened correctly. The only cheaper parts are the cable channels, which are made of plastic. On other mounts I’ve seen cable channels that were rubber, which actually made running your cables much easier.

The RMS-16003 allows you to tilt, swivel, and rotate your screens. You can tilt 90 degrees up and 45 degrees down, swivel 180 degrees, and rotate a full 360 degrees. I had no problem getting my displays where I wanted them. I do however feel that the Silverstone SST-ARM22SC gave me a little more freedom as well as allowed me to have my displays higher off my desk. Keep in mind the Silverstone SST-ARM22SC is about $140 more than the RMS-16003.

Installation of the RMS-16003 is quite easy. It took me about 30 minutes to get both my displays mounted and all of the cables run. I would say the most difficult part of the entire thing is routing the cables. Rosewill provides great directions that are easy to follow.

At the end of the day if you are looking for a dual monitor mount the RMS-16003 from Rosewill is a great choice and comes in at a price ($69.99) much lower than many mounts that offer the same features. The RMS-16003 has a kicker of having two USB 3.0 ports built in too. These are great for peripherals or if your display has a USB hub on it. They way you won’t need an extension cable to go to your tower.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Rosewill RMS-16003 Dual Monitor Desk Mount a 9 out of 10 score and our Recommended Award!

Award 9 out of 10 Award Recommended

– Easy installation
– Price
– Tilt, swivel, and rotation
– Two USB 3.0 ports
– Quality made

– Cable routing is annoying and not as clean as other setups

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