Rosewill T600N Wireless Router Review

As control panels go, the Rosewill T600N’s control panel is pretty stripped down. There’s not a lot to change and there are no frills, aside from some advanced configuration options for the wireless networks.

Guest networks are common on newer routers, so it’s great to see that Rosewill is including that, too. One can create up to four SSIDs per frequency, for a total of eight networks.

A significant problem for high bandwidth users is that the device limits the QoS settings to a dropdown. This means that you are not likely to be able to choose your bandwidth accurately. It maxes out at 32 Mbps, so if your connection is faster than that, you should not activate QoS on this device.

Keep in mind that this device runs hot. There doesn’t seem to be much airflow and it was warm to the touch while idle, warmer than any other router I’ve tested.

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