Rosewill Thor V2 White Edition Full Tower Case Review

Final Thoughts
This case being from Rosewill I was not expecting to be amazed, but they did do many things right with this case, which I want to point out.  First of all the case is huge, this means you can fit larger motherboards like E-ATX and XL-ATX in without any issues.  Also you can fit long video cards in here so if you want to load it up with video cards you are good to go.  Another thing about having a large case is that you have a lot of room to work with so installing your components is going to be much easier.

I think one thing that separates this case from many others is the awesome cooling power.  The case comes with three huge 230mm fans and a single 140mm fan.  That is sure a lot of cooling power not to mention you have two different fan control knobs that you can connect 3 different fans up to each.  This allows you to turn the fans down when you are sleeping or not using your computer and turn the back up when you are gaming.  Also even with all those fans included you still have the option to add more!

I like that there are many cable routing holes and the backside of the case is very large so you can put all of your cables back there, but the rubber inserts on the cable routing holes are not secured to the case.  So if you are pulling your cables through the rubber inserts are most likely going to fall out.  Some simple glue would help them stay in place.  Talking about routing cables I was surprised to not find a CPU power extension cable included with this case.  It usually is standard with full tower cases.  The front bezel covers all have filters on them, but upon delivery of the case many of them had fell off, I was not happy to see that when I first took the case out of the box.

The case looks pretty good too, you can’t go wrong with a white case.  The white case does carry a premium over the normal case being $149.99 compared to the black case at $129.99.  The white case was released after the black case and to our knowledge the only difference between the two is the color and white version has an internal USB 3.0 connector rather than the ones that you have to route to the back of your motherboard.  At that price this case is still a pretty good deal being a full tower with great cooling performance.  Overall ThinkComputers gives the Rosewill Thor V2 White Edition Full Tower Case an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small

– 4 included fans (three 230mm, one 140mm)
– USB 3.0
– Support for large motherboards (XL-ATX, E-ATX)
– Support for long video cards
– Lot’s of room behind the motherboard tray
– Plenty of cable routing holes

– Rubber inserts on the routing holes easily fall off
– No CPU power extension cable included
– Front bezel cover filters had fallen off upon delivery

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