Rosewill Unveils New Gaming Products at BlizzCon 2013

At Blizzcon 2013 has introduced new gaming products. In the pipeline we have, PC gaming and audio focused products for everyone to have their experience from. For the curious game lovers, Rosewill is going to show off the new BLACKHAWK Blue Special Edition mid tower gaming case. Its designed exactly in a way to keep consumer’s demands in mind with a bit of blue tinge which makes it quite an eye catcher.


After the huge success of the previous illuminated keyboard models, Rosewill is all set to announce the Apollo RK-9100x Mechanical Keyboard series and STRIKER RK-6000 mechanical keyboard. Apollo RK-9100x will be offered in Cherry MX blue or brown color and will come illuminated in red or blue backlighting. It will incorporate features like, fully programmable with macro support, n-key rollover via a braided USB cable with gold connectors, multiple profile support, USB pass-through ports, detachable wrist wrest, while being covered in a rubber-like texture enclosed space. Likewise, the STRIKER RK-6000 mechanical keyboard will also offer fully programmable keys with macro support, comprising of 8 textured keys for rapid key location.


Moreover, for maximum accuracy, Rosewill has streamlined 3 new mice, all with an on-the-fly DPI adjustment button.

• Firstly we have the Helix RM-20, designed in a way as in to offer complete comfort with up to 2400dpi.
• Second in the row is Jet RGM-300, also known as the claw-grip gaming mouse with a modifiable weight system, competent of up to 2000dpi.
• Third is the Reflex RGM-1000, also called the palm-grip gaming mouse incorporating the laser sensor and having an ability of speeds up to a mind blowing 8000dpi.


Rosewill is also introducing their new range of React Gaming Mouse pad series to support their latest line of mice. These are basically manufactured for optical and laser mice with a nanometer grade textured surface, also enclosing a natural rubber base providing user with a solid grip. There is option between small, medium, and large format mouse pads.

As for the audio products, Rosewill is launching two new products in the R-studio Series which are:

• Sonas Headphones: An over the ear headphone, offering the latest octa-drive technology for majestic listening feel
• AMPBOX( the portable music box): a Bluetooth supporting speaker with an 8 hour of playback time, 30 feet of range , built in microphone for loudspeaker conversation and run by the Li-on battery.


Source: Rosewill | News Archive