Samsung 870 EVO Solid State Drive Review

Final Thoughts

When it comes to new SATA-based solid state drive there really is not much to get excited about. All of the hype is around NVMe drives and even more so Gen4 NVMe drives. That is because when it comes to speeds we are limited by the SATA interface. There is no getting past that, but SATA-based solid state drives are definitely essential as an upgrading to a traditional SSD and for their capacity, especially with game sizes getting larger and larger.

Overall performance of the drive is great and again what we would expect from a SATA-based drive. In ATTO Disk Benchmark we saw speeds max out at 534 MB/s read and 504 MB/s write. Similarly CrystalDiskMark saw a sequential read of 559 MB/s and a sequential write of 527 MB/s. This is only slightly better than Samsung’s own 870 QVO drive which costs less, but the 870 EVO had far better performance in the AIDA64 write test. While both drives lose performance after their cache is diminished the 870 EVO only drops performance down to 357.7 MB/s while the 870 QVO dropped all the way down to 98.7 MB/s, a pretty big difference.

Samsung has priced the 870 EVO better than the 860 EVO when it released, but that is expected. The 512GB version that we reviewed today is selling for $69.99, while the 1TB version will set you back $119.99, and the 4TB will be $479.99. Also remember Samsung does back this drive with a 5-year warranty. I think that if you are still looking for a SATA-based drive this is one of the better choices out there. Overall ThinkComputers gives the Samsung 870 EVO Solid State Drive a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Solid performance for a SATA-based drive
– 5-year warranty
– Great software support
– Available up to 4TB
– Priced well

– Limited by SATA interface
– Hard to not go NVMe if you have that option

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