Samsung Finally Teases GDDR7 Memory With 28 And 32 Gbps Speeds

Samsung is preparing to launch the next generation of gaming cards and will provide memory for the upcoming RTX 50 series. Although not manufacturing next-gen GPUs for NVIDIA, Samsung will develop memory for these cards in accordance with the latest memory standard specifications released by JEDEC.

The upcoming memory standard will include chips beginning at 28-32 Gbps, with potential consideration for even faster 37 Gbps memory down the line. However, leaked details indicate that the RTX 50 series might not leverage the full speed potential of these new chips, with expectations pointing towards a limit of 28 Gbps.


During the GTC 2024 event, where NVIDIA introduced its initial Blackwell GPUs for data centers, attendees from HardwareLuxx noticed Samsung’s GDDR7 memory. Although the event extensively covered the data center sector, there was no reference or dialogue regarding the gaming sector, which is also slated to receive Blackwell GPUs.

According to the specifications provided, Samsung plans to unveil 32 Gbps chips in the future. Currently, their offerings deliver a 20% boost in power efficiency at low voltages of 1.1V, notably lower than GDDR6X’s 1.35V. Moreover, these new chips boast a 70% decrease in thermal resistance, leading to reduced heat production during operation.

The release of the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 series is anticipated to take place sometime within this year. Currently, neither the company nor any credible leaker has disclosed a specific release date.

Source: HardwareLuxx