Samsung interested in Arm, looking to buy a stake instead of the whole company

Samsung is apparently interested in Arm Holdings. There have been rising speculations of NVIDIA wanting to purchase the developers of the ARM processor architecture. Now, have news that Samsung might be interested as well. Read on!

We have been hearing about SoftBank’s interest in selling off Arm Holdings. The company has become a hot commodity after the sudden rising interest in ARM chips. This is thanks to Apple’s announcement about moving from Intel chips to its own ARM-based chips. Samsung wants to purchase a part of Arm. Samsung has been working on ARM chipsets for a long time, and apparently even has Exynos chips in work for Windows-based systems.

While NVIDIA has apparently been showing continued interest and is currently in advanced talks to purchase Arm, Samsung is much more equipped to handle such a deal. However, there is no evidence for any of these claims right now. So our best bet is to wait for an official reveal from Arm, in the coming weeks.

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Via TechPowerUp

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