Samsung Intros 2TB 850 Pro and 850 Evo Solid State Drives

Solid State Drive capacities are expected to jump quite significantly throughout the rest of the year and it looks like Samsung is the first out of the gate with consumer oriented 2TB solid state drives. They have added 2TB variants to their 850 Pro and 850 Evo solid state drive lines.

Samsung 850 Pro

Both drives use Samsung’s 3D V-NAND technology, the 850 Pro features TLC NAND whereas the 850 Evo uses TLC NAND. The 850 Pro is however faster and does feature a better warranty, but most users will do just fine with the 850 Evo. The 2TB drives are currently only available in the 2.5-inch SATA form factor, but M.2 and mSATA should be coming soon.

Right now the pricing is set at $1000 for the 850 Pro and $800 for the 850 Evo. While these prices are still much higher than your typical mechanical hard drive we have already heard that SSDs might reach price parity with HDDs in 2016. So will you be picking up one of these drives?

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