Samsung T240 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Review

General Usage

The Samsung T240 is a 24-inch widescreen monitor that has a native resolution of 1920×1200. This allows the user a very large workspace where they can easily have documents side by side for easy access and efficiency.

Samsung T240 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Samsung T240 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Samsung T240 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

An important factor to me when it comes to LCD monitors is how vibrant they can reproduce colors. I do a lot of graphic work with programs such as Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and even Illustrator and being able to distinguish between various color shades is important to me. The Samsung T240 did not disappoint, it reproduces colors as needed for my type of work. The large work space also allows for a more efficient workflow when I am editing photos or creating web layouts.

Samsung T240 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

The onscreen menu for adjusting the Samsung T240 settings is brought up by pressing the “Menu” button on the side panel. The settings are the same throughout Samsung’s models. They of course offer the typical monitor settings such as Brightness, Contrast, Color Tone, Gamma and more that other manufacturers as well.

Samsung also offers a low-power consumption feature with the T240 monitor. In standby mode, or SoftPowerOff as they like to call it, the monitor will draw roughly 0.3W. Now, I don’t have the appropriate testing device to see what the actual power draw of the monitor is when it is turned “off”, but it is nice to know that a manufacturer is looking at ways consumers can lower their power consumption. After all, saving power saves us money, right?


How can someone test a monitor these days? You can look at color reproduction, ghosting or power draw. For me, I just like to ensure the image being produced on my monitor is vibrant and sharp.
Once I received the Samsung monitor, I was looking forward to immediately testing right away how the World of Warcraft looked on a 24-inch monitor. There were no issues with ghosting, thanks to the 5ms response time, and the colors too, were vibrant. If anyone has played World of Warcraft recently, there are a lot of colorful textures being used throughout the game.

I also loaded up Assassin’s Creed and jumped from rooftop to rooftop and sprinted around town as fast as I could without noticing any monitor issues such as ghosting. The Samsung did not disappoint one bit on either game.

Samsung T240 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor Samsung T240 24-inch Widescreen LCD Monitor

I have noticed that the viewing angle is great from left to right. When you stand up and you’re above the monitor, the viewing angle is not as good and the screen dims a bit. Though how often are you going to be above your monitor? People standing behind you won’t have an issue seeing what is on your screen and they definitely will not have an issue standing to either side.

Did I mention that being able to play a PC game at 1920×1200, is pretty cool too?