SanDisk Shows off 8TB Portable SSD Prototype and 1TB USB-C Thumb Drive

Portable storage keeps on getting faster and capacities keep on increasing. This year at CES SanDisk really wanted to show that as they showed us their 8TB portable solid state drive prototype. They tell us that it is the highest capacity pocket-sized portable SSD in the world!

sandisk ces2020 2

The drive uses a USB 3.2 2×2 Type-C interface to deliver 20 Gbps speeds. So this would be the ultimate drive for creators on the go. SanDisk did tell us this is merely a prototype, but it does show what is possible. We do not know if this product will ever make it to market, but if it does expect it to be pretty expensive.

Along with the 8TB prototype SanDisk also launched their 1TB Ultra Dual Drive Luxe, which is a USB thumb drive (Type-C and Type-A combo) made for smartphones as well as PCs. It uses USB 3.1 Gen 1 so users should expect speeds around 150 MB/s. The drive is extremely small and can easily be put in your pocket or thrown on a keychain.

sandisk ces2020 4

The drive is currently available now with the 1TB version going for $249.99 at the Western Digital online store. It is pretty awesome to have so much storage in such a small package.

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