Seagate Intros 4TB Enterprise Hard Drive with Ethernet

Seagate introduced their Kinetic Open Storage Platform back in 2013. For the first time they are presenting the first hard drive for this system. The drive in question is the Seagate Kinetic 4TB, which is designed for cloud storage applications and has built-in Ethernet abilities.

Seagate Kinetic Hard Drive

The Kinetic hard drive has a built-in operating system and direct Ethernet connectivity, which will eliminate bottlenecks in software applications by direct connection and it will reduce the total cost of ownership by eliminating the need for legacy software and hardware.

The drive also packs in 512 MB RAM and 64 MB cache as well as dual SGMII Ethernet 1 GB/s ports and an application processor. According to Seagate this system can bring down the running costs as much as 50% for data centers by eliminating the need for extra hardware and the power consumption that comes with that.

The Kinetic Open Storage Platform is backed by large providers like AOL, HP, Digital Sense and many more. Live demonstrations of the Platform took place at the OpenStack Summit in Paris.

Source: Seagate via eTeknix | News Archive

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