Zalman Denies Bankruptcy Rumors

A few days ago we reported on the whole Moneual fraud conspiracy. If you are not up to date Moneual, Zalman’s parent company has been accused of export fraud and 3 top level executives and 13 mid-level executives have been arrested. Because of all of this it had been reported that Zalman Tech Co. Ltd had stopped trading of its shares and the company had filed for bankruptcy protection in the Seoul Central District Court.


Well Zalman USA has denied these Bankruptcy rumors and has made the follow statement to Tom’s Hardware:

“I know that recently various media and other vendors are spreading rumors regarding Zalman going bankrupt over the recent scandals in Korea by our parent company Moneual.

“I wanted to assure you that these rumors of Zalman HQ going bankrupt are completely false. While our HQ is having some financial difficulties due to the recent troubles experienced by Moneual, Zalman is not going bankrupt.”

Zalman has also indicated that they will provide an official statement at the end of November about the current situation of the company and what the future of Zalman looks like. The company also assured that nothing would change for owners of existing products or warranties.

So will Zalman continue to live on? Only time will tell at this point…

Source: Toms Hardware | News Archive

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