Search Engine marketing tips you can implement in 2021

If you want to be found via Google, you should at least have basic skills in the area of ​​search engine optimization. About 3.5 billion search queries are made on Google every day. Certainly also in connection with your own products and services! Especially those who run a company blog and have not had any success with it so far should take these online marketing tips seriously. Because just a few “tricks” can lead to (finally) organic visitors coming to your own site.

Connection between content marketing and SEO

Anyone who still considers good content marketing and SEO separately is doing something wrong in every respect. The two sub-disciplines of online marketing definitely belong together. When properly linked, they can effectively contribute to achieving your own marketing goals. Our online marketing tip at this point is therefore to examine these sub-areas in detail and understand the relationships. Then the relevance of your own company blog increases to a completely new level. For instance, you can rank a ‘content marketing’ on SoundCloud in Google with SEO. You need to apply a little bit of SEO to SoundCloud too. Upload tracks, buy SoundCloud likes and shares, get more attention from the organic platform and wait for a magic to happen in Google.

Get organic links from other websites

Backlinks are an important factor in being findable on the web. The more high-quality links your own page receives from authoritarian pages on the web, the higher your own quality will be in the eyes of Google. Good placements are the logical consequence. However, getting to such backlink sources is often not easy. A first start, however, can be to “tap into” your own customers as a backlink source. Depending on the relationship with the customer, there is a high probability that this procedure will work.

Important keywords in Google

For some keywords it is particularly difficult to achieve a good positioning with your own company. Mostly these are the keywords that supposedly could generate the largest number of leads for your own company. When it comes to so-called “money keywords”, the battle for the top spots is particularly great! Sometimes it can even take years before the desired positioning can be achieved.

But is it even worth the effort? Do you really get the desired number of leads with the selected keywords? In order not to act blindly here – and to avoid large efforts without avoiding ROI – it can be very useful to test selected keywords first. Suitable for this are Google Ads particularly well. If the keywords generate not only clicks but also the desired leads, the long-term battle for placements can make sense. Otherwise, the focus on other keywords – and a lot of time and money – can be saved!