Seasonic Develops Its New 12V-2×6 Angled Power Cable For RTX 40 Graphics Cards

Seasonic will provide a complimentary upgrade, offering a 90-degree angled 12V-2×6 power cable for RTX 40 graphics cards to eligible power supply owners. To participate in the official beta testing of this cable, simply submit a request to Seasonic China. Only 100 individuals will be selected, though caution may be warranted when it comes to beta testing power cables.

Designed for ATX 3.0/3.1 power supplies equipped with the 12VHPWR power connector, this Seasonic adapter replaces the original straight cable. It aligns with the updated ATX 3.1 specifications, showcasing a 12V-2×6 power connector configuration.

Seasonic 12V 2x6 Power Connector Cable Next Gen GPUs Angled 90 Degree 4

Aligned with the connector and power specifications adopted by recent power supplies and NVIDIA graphics cards since the launch of RTX 4070 SKUs, this design has been incorporated by NVIDIA and its board partners into the latest batches of their reference designs.

The company is offering a complimentary angled cable to ATX 3.0 PRIME, Focus, and Vertex series power supply owners, limited to 100 individuals. It’s important to mention that this cable may not be compatible with all graphics cards, especially those with rotated connectors. However, users can easily navigate this by routing the cable around the card if needed.


Choosing an angled adapter over a standard cable or the NVIDIA-provided adapter brings the benefit of not requiring extra space (approximately 35 mm) for cable bending. This is crucial, especially given the width of typical RTX 40 cards. Unlike Seasonic’s recent suggestion to use a heat source like a hair dryer for bending 12VHWPR cables, no bending is necessary in this scenario.

GeForce RTX 40 owners are recommended to exclusively use authorized NVIDIA adapters or power cables supplied directly by the power supply manufacturer. This ensures full compatibility and simplifies the potential warranty claim process in case of any issues.


Via Wccftech