SecureDrives Self-destructing SSDs will Physically Destroy the NAND Flash on Your Command

Most of us have our hard drives filled with photos, documents and other random data, but there are some that have business information, trade secrets, and sensitive information stored on hard drives. It could be a very bad thing if that information gets into the wrong hands. It would be great if hard drives had some sort of self-destruct mechanism, well as it turn out this technology goes exist and comes from a company called SecureDrives.


SecureDrives has four different models that offer up a mixture of 256-bit AES CBC hardware encryption, two-factor authentication, GSM command over encryption key flipping and physical fracturing of NAND flash storage.


So first you can remotely kill the drive by sending a SMS from any phone. Notice your drive is gone, or someone steals your laptop with this drive in it and boom they can’t take your data.

Even better is that you can configure the drive to self-destruct in different scenarios. If the drive is removed from the systems SATA connector, when the internal battery runs completely empty or when someone is trying to physically open the drive.

I would expect these drives to have a premium over typical solid state drives.

Source: TechSpot | News Archive

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