Security Tips for iOS Devices

There are never many instances of panic regarding Apple. We never hear of viruses or problems from their devices but this doesn’t mean the security of your device should be ignored. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you need to ensure it is secure both internally for web use and from general theft. As millions of people use these devices there are bound to be instances of hacking and viruses in time and you need to ensure you’re protected if this does happen. If you’re interesting in ensuring your Apple iOS device is protected then follow these simple tips.

iOS Security Tips

Use your Passcode
This is an option for all iOS-driven products. It means your device is protected from unauthorized access and stops anyone you wish not to use your device from accessing or unlocking it at all. They can’t have any access to your date or use the device’s services unless then know your specific passcode. Passcodes are made up of four digits and can be found under the General section of the Settings tab in the device.

The newer versions of iOS have made passcode security even more impenetrable as you can set the device to require the passcode on different intervals and the shorter the intervals the more secure the device is. It is also possible to create more complex passwords by sliding the simple passcode slider off. Passcodes however don’t provide any encryption of data and simply make it more difficult to access the device.

Encrypt Backups
As with all devices you should back up your data and for iOS devices you can secure your backups as well as the device itself. The data on your device needs to be running the latest software to encrypt the backups to your computer. This will stop anybody who doesn’t know your chosen password from accessing your data by using your computer.

Remote Wipe
The latest versions of iOS have introduced the ability to control your device remotely and this means you can also destroy the content of any device before a thief has the chance to access and use it. Mainly for iPhones you can use the Find my iPhone application service and then it’s possible to perform a remote wipe of all the data. Your backup will still be safe but you can be assured that although thieves have your hardware they don’t have access to your sensitive data. Third party alternatives to Find my iPhone also exist.

Security Apps
There are a whole host of apps which have been developed to improve the security of your phone or mp3 player. There are a range of leading virus software companies who have launched their products in mobile and iOS form to ensure devices are kept safe from viruses, malware and adware.

There are unfortunately thieves who are more than aware of the value when they sell iPod touch or iPhone devices and these items are seen as highly desirable. Whilst you may lose your device to a thief, protecting your sensitive data should at least provide some peace of mind.

Callum Thomas is a freelance writer who specialises in technology and gadgets. He also likes to sell iPod touch and other multimedia devices online for an additional income.