Sharkoon Announces REV300 ATX Case With Seven Pre-Installed PWM Fans

Sharkoon Technologies is an international supplier of high-performance, quality PC components and peripherals. With the REV300, Sharkoon now presents a PC case of a different kind. Besides seven pre-installed PWM RGB fans for optimal cooling, the case also comes with addressable fan LEDs for customized lighting. In addition, since the tempered glass side panel is placed on the right-hand side of the case, the REV300 offers the possibility for a better presentation of the illuminated hardware components.

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With seven pre-installed, addressable PWM fans, the REV300 is equipped with maximum cooling capacity as standard: There are three 140-millimeter fans behind the front panel and three 120-millimeter models at the rear of the case, as well as one more with 120 millimeters under the top panel. These RGB fans are supported by the front panel’s mesh grille which facilitates the airflow. Water cooling can also be built into the REV300: A radiator of up to 360 millimeters can be installed at the rear, and there is even space for a radiator of up to 420 millimeters at the front, provided that it does not exceed 3.2 centimeters in height. Furthermore, it should not be longer than 46.5 centimeters and no wider than 14.1 centimeters.

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Especially Innovative
The PC cases of the REV series are known for the unconventional positioning of components such as the graphics card, which can thus be better presented. The REV300 is no exception: Thanks to the mainboard which can be installed at a 90-degree rotation, all the components can be advantageously displayed through the glass panel on the right-hand side of the case. The tempered glass panel itself is attached with a magnetic closure to the front the case and with hinges to the back, making it quick and easy to open and close. In addition to the novel installation of components, the user is also offered a USB-C port in addition to the four usual USB ports on the I/O panel.

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A True Colossus
The design and the size of the case should result in an impressive presentation of the case itself as well as the components which are installed inside. Slightly protruding corners form a frame for the mesh-covered front panel, and the effect is a dynamic, elegant presentation of the three RGB fans. Its simplicity also emphasizes the impressive illumination of the fans, while the installed RGB components are showcased from behind the glass panel.

Immense Amount for Room for Hardware
With its enormous dimensions, the REV300 is particularly suitable for those who value large amounts of space for high-quality components. Graphics cards up to 34.5 centimeters in length can be installed in the case without any problems, as can CPU coolers up to 17.7 centimeters.

Possibilities without Limits
Power supplies with a maximum length of 27 centimeters can also be easily installed inside the case. In addition, the Angled Graphics Card Kit should also not go unmentioned. This is a mounting which has been specially designed for the REV300 and allows graphics cards to be showcased to their full advantage.

Price and availability.
The ATX case is now available at the manufacturer’s suggested price of 144.90 euros. The Angled Graphics Card Kit is available at the price of 34.99 euros.

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