ASRock Reveals Its 10L DeskMini Max Concept PC With Support For AMD Ryzen 9 5950X

Today, ASRock has announced its 10 liter concept PC for AMD CPUs, the DeskMini Max under its DeskMini series. This mini desktop is ideal for every kind of use.

The DeskMini Max supports AMD’S latest CPUs, APUs, and discrete graphic cards. It also supports up to 128GB DDR4 U-DIMM RAM. ASRock also provides four PCIe slots. Thanks to the mini PC’s design, it can easily accommodate different kinds of peripheral devices like: 5.25” ODD, 3.5” HDD,  a single radiator liquid cooler, or a PCIe card.

This mini PC can also create a mini workstation through its RAID function and four U-DIMM slots, which support ECC memory modules.

Besides this, the DeskMini comes with 1 M.2 SSD and two SATA ports. As far as I/O is concerned, there are 9 USB ports, including an onboard Type-C port on the front I/O panel. It can also support up to three monitors without any extra graphic cards. All this hardware receives power through an internal 500W 80 PLUS® bronze certificate power supply unit with customised cable length.  The customized power supply not only saves space but makes cable management easier and improves heat dissipation.

This new DeskMini Max follows the tradition of a design concept with simple installation and upgradability.