EK Water Blocks Releases EK-Quantum Vector Terminal Covers

EK has released their new EK-Quantum Vector Terminal cover for the EK-Quantum Scalar terminal. It will also act as a cover for stock GPU terminals. The covers are manufactured from Aluminum and are offered in three finishes, Nickel, Black Anodization, and Silver Anodization, which are aligned with the Satin Titanium fittings. The cover is easy to install and integrated pin screws are located on the backside of the terminal cover.

The main purpose of the EK-Quantum Vector Terminal is to provide a terminal cover for people with EK-Quantum Vector RE RTX 3080/3090, EK-Quantum Vector Trinity RTX 3080/3090, EK-Quantum Vector Trinity RTX 3070, EK-Quantum Vector Strix RTX 3080/3090, and similar GPU water blocks with a single piece terminal. It will provide an aesthetic cover that will blend in with the water block and flow indicator.

It can also act as an aesthetic shroud for screws of multiple GPUs. Similarly one can also reduce the RGB LEDs through the EK-Quantum. It will replace the stock plastic cover on the water block.

The block is being manufactured in Slovenia, Europe and you can pre-order it from EK’s online store and Partner Reseller Network. It is expected to start shipping in late June 2021.

Via TechpowerUp