A Photo Of The LGA17XX/1800 Socket Leaked

A Twitter user, @momomo_us, has shared a picture of the LGA17XX/1800 socket cover. It looks like the same cover can be used for both the sockets, which confirms that they are of the same size.

AMD LGA1700 LGA1800

The LGA1700/LGA1718 sockets have appeared multiple times in the leaks before. Both the Intel 12th Gen Core series codenamed “Alder Lake” and its successor” Raptor Lake” will use the LGA1700 socket. On the other hand, AMD’s Zen4 based “Raphael” series will also feature an LGA socket, except with more pads (LGA-1718).

The user also shared a photo of the socket cover, which listed LGA-18XX as compatible. Currently, it is unclear which product will come with this socket, but there is a chance that Intel’s Meteor Lake, the first 7nm architecture from Intel will get it.

Igor Wallossek from Igor’s Lab was the first one to mention the LGA1800 socket. He also shared that Intel has created a new mounting mechanism for LGA1700 and LGA1800 sockets which suggested their compatibility to some extent. This also confirms that LGA18XX is an Intel socket, not AMD’s.

AMD Raphael AM5 vs Intel AlderLake LGA1700

Source: Videocardz

There is another theory, too, that the LGA-18XX socket could be for a different series like Xeon Workstation or an unknown product. The word was that Intel might have plans to run the LGA1700 socket for at least three generations, which will make Meteor Lake LGA1700 compatible too. Currently, there is no confirmation about this claim from Intel.

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