You Can Now Build Your Own Xbox Series X With AMD’s 4700S Desktop Kit

Today, AMD has announced its 4700S Desktop Kit, which is a small factor package for DIY builders. The kit consists of memory, a tiny motherboard, and a Zen 2 architecture-based custom processor.

AMD 4700S

Before the kit’s official announcement, it was spotted as a part of a complete and custom mini-ITX gaming PC up for sale at a Chinese retail website. Upon its first appearance, the only proof of its official existence was the official drivers on AMD’s website.

Bringing modern PC performance into a simple preconfigured kit. The AMD 4700S Desktop Kit aims to address common pain points consumers see when purchasing a system.” 

The speculation for the product remains the same; it is a repurposed APU that originally was intended for Xbox Series X. Since it didn’t prove to be good enough, AMD listed it as an 8-core but maintained silence on its other specifications.


As per the processor’s previous appearances, it comes with an 8-core/16-thread chip and 12MB of L3 cache. It can boost up to a 4GHz boost clock, which is 200MHz higher than the Xbox Series X and 400MHz faster than the Xbox Series S. The RDNA 2 graphics is disabled so 4700S users will have to purchase a discrete GPU.

Although AMD maintained silence upon the part’s origin, a diagram in the user manual confirms that it was originally destined for Microsoft’s latest-generation game consoles. It also comes with 8GB and 16GB GDDR6 memory options, soldered directly to the motherboard.


The kit uses a standard PCI Express x16 slot for the discrete graphics cards, and it can support up to NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or AMD Radeon Rx 590. The other features include a 1Gbps LAN port, two SATA ports, several rear-mounted USB ports, USB 3 headers, and onboard audio.

There is no news on availability and pricing yet.