Intel’s DG2 Family Of Graphics Processors Is Now Sampling

Intel has officially started sending invites to Odyssey Cardholders to register. They have confirmed that its DG2 family of graphics processors is sampling. Intel has maintained silence over its Xe-HPG architecture despite heavily promoting the Xe-HPC and HP series on social media. Intel is now expected to launch its discrete gaming GPUs later this year, but the company has never provided a release date.

Thank you for joining Intel on this Odyssey. We are soon heading toward a milestone moment, the pending release of the Xe HPG microarchitecture from Intel. Some of you received an Odyssey card and were the first to engage with Intel on this journey. Now is the time to redeem this card, which is one in many steps we hope to formally take forward with you. We have a few required fields here to confirm you have received a card from us. As well if you agree to provide additional information, it will help us follow and recognize you for your commitment with Intel.”

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— Intel.

It looks like the release is near, as it is also teased in the Odyssey Cardholder promo’s description.

The Intel DG2 GPUs will arrive for both desktop and mobile markets. As per the latest rumors, Intel will initially focus on the mobile market by offering all-Intel gaming laptops. A lot of DG2 leaks have also appeared lately; Intel showed its hesitation to reveal any details.

However, let’s hope that the Xe-HPG microarchitecture will arrive soon, and the swag that will be sent will also include an invitation for the launch event.

Via Intel