GALAX GeForce RTX 3080 Ti HOF OC Lab Edition Overclocked To 2.8 GHz

Today, GALAX has officially launched two RTX 3080 Ti models, HOF OC Lab and HOF OC Lab X OC Special, under its ultra-premium HOF series. Both the cards are only listed on GALAX’s official Chinese website. The cards share the same cooling design and packaging.

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On paper, GALAX offers two variants: P(performance) and S(silent), where P comes with factory-overclocking at 1815 MHz and TDP up to 400W by default, and as per official specs, the TDP can be increased up to 450W. However, it does not look like that the XOC version comes with a higher TDP. Both the cards use three 8-pin power connectors for power which are attached to a total of 24 phases (14+6+4).

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The official description on QQ states that the HOF RTX 3080 Ti OC Lab has a button that automatically increases fan speed to 100%. This feature is useful for extreme overclocking for which these cards are designed. GALAX has also confirmed that all HOF models are from Bin1. Bin 1 is NVIDIA’s internal binning nomenclature along with Bin1 and Bin0.

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The Bin 2 is uncommon, and AIBs don’t use it frequently, so they represent a very small batch of cards. The Bin1, on the other hand, is for high-end models featuring overclocking, and Bin0 represents the vast majority of cards on the market, usually without factory-applied overclocking.

Overclockers had access to HOF RTX 3080 Ti OC Lab for quite a while now. Rauf got 18495 points in Port Royal, where the clock speed reached 2775 MHz. The Overclocked Gaming Systems (OGS) team outperformed Rauf with 18726 points and a boost clock of 2.8 GHz.

Via Galax OC Lab