MSI Announces MAG CH130 Series Gaming Chairs

MSI announced the launch of its latest gaming chairs – MAG CH130 I REPELTEK FABRIC and MAG CH130 I FABRIC. The MAG CH130 I REPELTEK FABRIC is MSI’s first gaming chair to feature the patent-pending gaming chair with functional surface layer and manufacturing method of functional surface layer, which is water-resistant and scratch-resistant.

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The MAG CH130 I REPELTEK FABRIC is water-resistant. If you ever accidentally spill liquid onto it, the liquid will be condensed on the surface of the fabric, making it easy to clean. The REPELTEK fabric is also much more scratch-resistant than other general fabrics, allowing you to enjoy quality time with your kids and pets. Simultaneously, it gets a longer life expectancy thanks to its abrasion-resistant surface.

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The MAG CH130 I FABRIC features a soft light gray breathable fabric that is comfortable, ergonomic, and fashionable. Whether you’re in-game or work, they are both some of the best available options out there.

These two chairs are the latest addition to the MSI MAG CH130 Series gaming chairs. The MAG CH130 series took inspiration from race car seats, with emphasis on support and comfortability. The 52 cm widened and 57 cm deepened seat and ergonomic outline can help you loosen up your body. The high-density foam (45~48 kg/m³) not only feels great to the touch but also won’t deform easily. The robust steel frame with a five-star steel base (with a weight capacity of 150 kg) provides highly durable support for hours of use without deforming. Of course, the MAG CH130 Series is reclinable and allows users to relax and recline the backrest for up to 150 degrees with an additional maximum of 15 degrees tilt. It is your best buddy whether you are in-game or at rest.

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When gamers set up a video game room, the gaming chair can be the last piece to complete your game kingdom. When picking a chair, gamers consider color, seat fabric, height, ergonomic design, comfortable reclining, and so many other things. It just can’t decide. Whatever the situation, MSI has your back
Chairman Purr’s top choice – MAG CH130 series gaming chair.

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