MSI Announces Two New Curved Gaming Monitors

Today, MSI has announced two new curved gaming monitors, ARTYMIS 323CQR and 273CQR. Both the monitors have the same specifications except for their screen size and DCI-P3 coverage. The former has a 31.5-inch screen, while the latter has a 27-inch panel.


The monitors are based on a 1000R curved VA panel. The panel offers a 165Hz refresh rate at 4K resolution and a 1ms response time.

The monitors come equipped with smart technologies, which include: Smart Brightness 2.0, Smart Crosshair, Night Vision AI, Optix Scope, and Sound Tune—starting with the Smart Brightness 2.0, which detects surrounding areas light source through the monitor’s built-in light sensor and uses AI to adjust the brightness and color temperature.

Next up, we have the Smart Crosshair, which analyzes game surroundings using AI and provides an in contrast aim dot color to ensure its visibility.


The Night Vision adjusts the details of bright and dark areas for a better view. With a better view and visible aim, dot one can use the Optix Scope, which is a built-in magnifier with eight-stage zooming and quick shortcuts for prompt zoom adjustment. It also automatically reduces the mouse DPI.

MPG ARTYMIS Series monitors feature a built-in noise reduction mic which uses the Sound Tune tech for crystal clear communication.


MSI has also included a console mode that automatically accepts 4K signals on a QHD monitor and simultaneously supports HDR too.

The monitors also offer a -5°~20° tilt and height adjustment of up to 100 mm.