ZADAK Unveils Spark DDR5 Memory

Today ZADAK has announced their new DDR5 RGB illuminated gaming DRAM module under its high-end SPARK lineup. The module is offered in two capacities, 16 GB and 32 GB. It can achieve clock speeds from 4800 Mhz to up to 7200 MHz.


ZADAK’s module also comes with a new feature; the motherboard does not handle power management. Instead, we have the PMIC (power management integrated circuit) on the module itself and require 1.1V. The PMIC also provides overclockers with more options to adjust the module’s settings.


We get to witness a really sleek design with a gray brushed metal exterior. It really goes with all-white or minimalist builds out there.Moreover, ZADAK is working with motherboard manufacturers like ASUS to ensure compatibility and stability.


The modules will hit the retail store by this year’s end.

Via Techpowerup