Qualcomm CEO AimsTo Outperform Apple M1 With Nuvia Laptop Chip Design

At the end of 2020, a newly founded company, NUVIA Inc, aimed to compete against Intel in data centers with a massive $240 million funding round. Now, Qualcomm has acquired the company, and with the mobile market in its sight, the company plans to outperform to improve its recognition in the laptop market.


It is an undeniable fact that Apple’s M1 is the epitome of power efficiency and performance which is tough to beat. Qualcomm’s new CEO Cristiano Amon while speaking to Reuters explained that Qualcomm could end up with the “best chip” on the market after the acquisition of Nuvia. Indeed, this is a possibility since the founders of Nuvia were former Apple chip architecture executives who helped design Apple’s new M1 chip too.

Qualcomm is required to create a full package to compete and simultaneously grow in the market. Moreover, with the acquisition of Nuvia, Qualcomm can potentially move away from licensing off-the-shelf Arm processor cores considering its new product is better.


In response to all this competition, Apple might work to develop cellular modems in-house as a replacement for Qualcomm’s modem technology in many iPhone devices.

The competition between the companies will force them to work even harder which would bring benefit to the consumer.