Sharkoon Announces SKILLER SGK20 Gaming Keyboard

Sharkoon’s latest gaming keyboard, the SKILLER SGK20, stands out from the brand’s recent releases in this category by adopting a three-block layout with 105 keys. Despite its generous key count, the SKILLER SGK20 doesn’t demand a lot of space, thanks to its slim design, making it a practical addition to most gaming setups. Its sleek appearance, complete with an underside cable channel and a virtually rimless look, enhances its compatibility and aesthetics.


Furthermore, the Sharkoon SKILLER SGK20 boasts a range of specifications and features, including the choice of red or brown mechanical switches provided by Huano, offering a remarkable 20 million keystroke lifespan. It also offers a maximum polling rate of 1,000 Hz, 18 pre-set RGB lighting options with extensive customization possibilities, and the capability to record, save, and replay macros with support for up to 20 profiles. It’s worth noting that the customization and management of lighting presets and macros require the use of the keyboard’s dedicated software companion.

SKILLER SGK20 red us content 02

The SKILLER SGK20 keyboard is offered in three language layouts: DE, BE, and US. It’s worth noting that the US layout might take some time to become available in the market, as it’s not currently listed on the official product page. The list price for the keyboard is 39.9 Euros, approximately equivalent to US$42.3 at the current exchange rate. However, when the US layout becomes available on Amazon and other retailers, it could potentially be priced higher. Regrettably, black is the sole color option for this keyboard.